Rail Extensions


How to Order



If the product is out of stock, it will take some days (1-5) to produce them.


Length selection

10cm extension = 307-> 325
10cm extension = 325-> 345
10cm extension = 345-> 365

20cm extension = 307-> 345
20cm extension = 325-> 365
20cm extension = 345-> 384

30cm extension = 307-> 365
30cm extension = 325-> 384

40cm extension = 307-> 384

Select the type

Straight or Bended Extension? The lifting extension means that the roller's tail is about 20-30mm off the ground. This makes it easier to turn the sled on a hard surface. The straight ones extend the rail in the direction of the slide.


If you don't find the right rail extensions, please contact the seller. We will make suitable extensions for your sled.

All of our rail extensions are made of 6082 aluminum.

If you are not entirely sure if the extensions fit or whether you should extend your sled, please contact Sami Tarvainen at +358 7461078 or via Contact Form.


Video about installation here.